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Column: #2

The Day the Universe Changed
Music: Itman, Frydrychowicz
Transcribed by: Itman

We begin this lesson with a look at some of the key signatures in the second part of the song. First off, we see that there are no sharps or flats shown, meaning that we are either in C major or A minor (also known as the relative minor of C Major or A Aeolian. Usually, you can distinguish between the two by looking at the starting note, which in this case is A.

Therefore, we're in A minor. Last lesson we looked at a E harmonic minor, in which the D was raised a step. In this case, we're just working with the regular A minor, no raised 7th. Also note that just because we're in a specific key, doesn't mean we can't have any accidentals in the song. Another minor key in the song starts at bar 9, in which we see the key of B Minor with 2 sharps. It is the relative minor of D Major, and starts on B. As for picking, everything is pretty straight forward. 


The only picking I'd like to look at is at bar 13 till bar 26. I indicated how to pick that section with two down strokes. This is the cleanest and most efficient way to pick this section.

Although this picking is used in a limited way here, it is a good idea to practice it now because it is used in more complex songs, as well as in advanced soloing. Note: The passage starting at bar 19 is palm muted the whole way through during the repeat for the second guitar. There is one modification for the beats: the open E starting at bar 20 is changed to an open E starting at the end of bar 19, so that the last two notes of that bar are: the 9th fret B, which now becomes an 1/8 note, and the open E which also becomes an 1/8th note.  The next lesson will focus on the solo and will be up in about 3-4 weeks. See you then, Arie.

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